MSPT: fabric baskets


I tried to make one of these last year before Christmas and it was a complete fail. I think it was because I used cotton quilt batting, and it just had no structure. It flopped, it leaned, it collapsed.

This time I used two layers of acrylic batting, the kind you buy rolled up in a plastic bag.

Success! I made this….


And this. . . .


Both are from the same fabric, Birds and Blooms by Mitzi Powers for Benartex. The inside fabric is from Walmart, I saw the hot green with the cherry blossom design and thought, “Hey, I don’t have any hot green in my stash, and that is so pretty!” And look how quickly I used it.

I switched how I made the bottom, not sure which would be prettier. Showing off the inside fabric. . . .


Or using the self fabric? I think they both look awesome.


If you make these, my opinion is that they somehow turn out larger than you would expect. It may be because they slope open, or maybe I’m just not good at imagining three dimensions?


I would love to keep these, but Happy Birthday, Mom!

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