MSPT: another pair of fingerless mitts

MSPT= make something pretty today

My friend could use a pair of these mitts, and there was just enough yarn to finish a pair. The wool was dk weight and had 218 yards if I remember right. I cast on an additional 8 stitches to these to make the size larger than the last pair (remember the needles I was using was smaller than the recommended size), and if I had made both pairs in this larger size, I would have run out of yarn for sure. As it was, I had about 2 yards leftover so it was pretty close.


The smaller size works just as well on my hands, since there is a lot of stretch. I wear them on the walk to school, and going to the park. I can read a book at the park while wearing these, while the pages are hard to turn while wearing conventional gloves or mittens.


This was from a purchased pattern, but you can find similar gloves at for free. Go ahead and knit the thumb part, it’s not difficult and makes a slightly nicer glove than the ones that just leave a hole for your thumb to escape through.

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