Heads up in your holiday shopping

Here is this year’s post about buying direct from the designer via etsy, rather than the mass-produced rip off items you’ll find sold in major department stores.


One of the designers whose work was copied said she has a record of selling an item to the mass-producer directly, by name and address! Sheesh. When you’re ripped off by China, they usually use a PO Box in America and then have the item shipped over by an employee. But when you’re ripped off by a US company, you send your item directly to the copier!

I know everyone who sells on etsy knows this happens, and expects it to happen to them eventually. All we can do is ask people to buy directly from the artist, and not pick up a last-minute-impulse item at the department store.

I see/hear people complain the government doesn’t do enough to support the arts. Well, the government shouldn’t be in the business of supporting any business. You and I are. And this is how we do it: buying from an individual artist, one purchase at a time.

Etsy.com has fabulous, unique items at very fair prices. You are directly supporting the artist/creator and helping bills be paid this month. No middle man. Take a look.

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