More from the quilt show: pre-printed panels

More from the Boardman Quilt Guild’s Show. This time I picked out the use of pre-printed fabric which showcases the design.

I LOVE this quilt, and guess it must be from a pre-printed kit. The center is all one panel. Or else someone drew it up and painted it herself? With fabric paints? It would be possible to do this, and match the colors to the edge binding fabrics…..



THis woodland quilt was too large for me to be able to step back and photograph its entirety, so I settled for picking two favorite centers. The color choices highlight quilts are easily modified for masculine tastes.



The center panel of this table runner is all one pre-printed piece. Someone used sparkly thread to do the quilting and bring this piece to Christmassy life.


And once more, the center panel is all one piece, probably pre-printed as part of a kit. I wonder where you buy these things? I never see them at the quilt shops; they must have very limited runs.


So there’s a few more pretties. I thought I’d try to group these posts according to a theme. There’s a couple more posts to come!

One thought on “More from the quilt show: pre-printed panels

  1. The bird fabric looks handpainted but is actually from a michael miller line, Wing song garden wall collection by Laura Gunn. She likes big poppies. I have some of her other giant poppy fabric from an earlier line, too. I think it is a mixture of different prints from that line. I love how the quilter combined them to look like one big picture, and her quilting is awesome too. Looks like you’ve got a lot of talented quilters in your area, judging from the quilts in this Boardman show!

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