canning: salsa and sweet-and-sour sauce

This year there are only two Roma plants and one cherry tomato, but they are producing like mad! So far I have been able to can two batches of salsa (using 15-cups of tomatoes), and one batch of sweet-and-sour sauce (using 8-cups of tomatoes).

Someone made a comment online that my sweet-and-sour sauce recipe is outdated and I should be using SureGel instead of cornstarch, so I switched to that instead. You shouldn’t be using cornstarch in canned apple-pie filling, either. But you know what? I can my own stuff so I know there is no preservatives in it, and once I read the SureGel package (I used Certo brand), sure enough there is polysorbate 80 in it — exactly what I am trying to avoid.

So you can’t win. The salsa does not need to gel, but the Mandarin sauce does.

Still, look at all that lovely color in the sweet and sour sauce. You know what, I guess the work-around to that is next year I will leave the thickener out, and just add the cornstarch while it’s heating up before serving. Tah-dah.




You don’t get lovely color like that from something off the store shelf.

The salsa tastes fresh and wonderful, even at the end of the year. I love this recipe. Add a splash of lime when serving.



How is your garden coming along? I am so glad I will have plenty of these jars ready to go through the year. Store bought salsa is no where near as good as this stuff.

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