reading: Mollie Makes Feathered Friends

Remember I won a blog giveaway and was sent the wrong book? I have received the right book now! I was so excited to win Gretel’s giveaway on her blog, one of her projects had been included in the crafting book, Mollie Makes: Feathered Friends. I love Gretel’s toy designs expressed in her illustrations, and her needle-felted designs. She inspired me a couple years ago to buy my own roving and needle-felting needles, but after finding myself poking my fingers quite often, plus not having the wonderful inspiration Gretel has, I set aside the tools and pretty much forgot about it.

And yay for me, I won a copy of a crafting book, wherein projects from 3 bloggers I follow are included. I love seeing what other people are making, and I do always hope to have enough time to make as many things as I wish I could. So many projects bookmarked for that day!


In Feathered Friends, I would like to make these projects:

The simple design for this clothes pin holder is perfect. Handy, and the pins won’t fall out. The birds make it so pretty.


The tone of these roosters is perfect, and I need to think about how to adapt it to a rabbity design. I love this as is, and might make it just to become comfortable with the steps.


And when the day comes I learn to confidently crochet, I will definitely be making this granny square throw with the alternating bird squares. I mean really!


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