finished project: shabby chic cabinet

I bought this cabinet before I learned about chalk paint, so it waited a long time for me to get around to painting it. I knew what I wanted it to end up like, but not how to do it. Aaaannd, I have since learned that yes, you can make your own chalk paint. Ace Hardware gets so many requests, they printed the recipe and hand it out at the paint counter. You can use either unsanded grout, or plaster-of-paris as the binder (look it up and the internet for exact paint/binder ratios), and any latex paint. I haven’t yet tried to see if it works with bold primary colors, or if the binder acts to turn it into a pastel — anybody out there tried it? So mixing your own instead of buying it takes the price down to half or less what I was paying for ready-made. Plus, Ace also sells the clear and dark wax, made by Minwax. For one-third the cost of the stuff sold with the ready-made paint. Doh. Not that I’m denigrating the ready-made, it worked beautifully.

I didn’t think to take a photo right away, so here’s the cabinet after I started painting the inside.


I love the carvings on it, and is why I bought it in the first place. I especially love the tulips on the bottom doors. I was careful to not hide them with too much paint.


I wanted the inside to be the warm color of a seashell. The outside is actually a gray-blue, but so light it ended up looking a very cool white. I used a light touch of dark wax everywhere to shabby it up. Overall, I love how it turned out and it’s so much nicer not having a dark hulk in the corner anymore!


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