reading: Mouse Trap Caper, The (2012)

The Mouse Trap Caper (2012) was recommended to me by one of my wonderful customers, and the book is a quick and satisfying and chaste read. All the will-they-won’t-they-get-together excitement of a romance novel, but with normal, average people who are believable and fallible and with ordinary personal quirks like everyone has. And it helps if you like horses, as Gaby Pratt centers her story around a barrel-racing heroine who finds herself unaccountably the target of seemingly random malicious attacks: the story begins with Kerry, our heroine, being hit over the head while she’s in the paddock, is followed up by her horse having it’s tail cropped, her horse trailer’s tire is slashed, and finally her own home is fire-bombed. Trying to keep her head above water while dealing with these emergencies, Kerry is aided by the brother of her now-deceased best friend. Gradually the two develop feelings for each other, as each demonstrates strength of character through these travails.

I found the emergencies helped propel the plot in a believable way. Who wouldn’t first panic, and then be mad, and all the while furiously try to figure out what the heck is going on? The romance is front and center, but the mystery aspect gave the book cohesion.


If you are looking for light summer reading, something to keep packed in your purse for the plane or time at the swim park, this is one you won’t be ashamed to let your kids see you reading.

Update: Gaby says Mouse Trap Caper is a finalist in the Wisconsin Chapter of Romance Writers of America, inspirational romance category, Readers’ Award Contest. The judges are readers not associated with the publishing industry. Winners to be announced in June. Yay!

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