food: pickled eggs

Do you remember pickled eggs used to be a staple bar food (no, I’m not old enough to remember this, but I’ve seen it on television and old movies) and there was a BIG jar kept on the bar counter? I read somewhere that the eggs don’t keep that long despite being pickled, but they were eaten throughout the day and a new jar set out the next day.

So I thought since we have an excess of eggs, I’d see what they taste like.


I made a half batch, just to see. I used this recipe from It says they keep for 6 weeks in the refrigerator. And it calls for white vinegar, and now I’m not sure if I grabbed the cider vinegar by mistake, or if the cinnamon or mustard seed or whatever ended up coloring the liquid yellow. Only the very outside of the egg is similarly yellow (taupe, really), the color does not go all the way through.

Other recipes tout pink eggs (secret ingredient: use pickled beet juice after you’ve eaten the beets). I wish I had some of that secret ingredient, but you know, yuck.

Final analysis: they taste like vinegar eggs, and not so much pickle. Edible, great next to a sandwich, but needs more flavor. I think I would leave all the spice mix actually in the container next time, so it all keeps combining, rather than letting it flavor just the vinegar for 4 hours because it does not seem strong enough.

In the bigger picture, I’m trying to find substitutes for eating chips with lunch. People used to eat pickles, which supply the needed crunch, but have almost no calories and count as one of your daily vegetables. What’s not to love about that? An egg may have more calories, but it’s still got to be better than chips. This one needs more experimentation, though….

One thought on “food: pickled eggs

  1. Gosh, it’s been many MANY years since I’ve seen a pickled egg! I’m not a fan of them, but yes, they are edible. I wonder if you could cut the eggs in half and get more flavor through out them, or would the exposed yolk go bad faster? Out here we are frequently served jalapeno peppers with sandwiches. I love peppers and they are crunchy and flavorful! (and hot!)

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