food: canning plum jam

A friend has a plum tree which bore a heckuva lot more fruit than her family alone could eat, so I got a share of the bounty. I traded her a dozen eggs, and one of my jars of mandarin sauce.

Aren’t they beautiful red plums? (I’m not sure of the variety.)

The above photo shows three pounds of plums, the amount necessary for one batch of jam according to the directions inside the Certo pectin box.  If you wanted to make jelly instead of jam, you need 4 pounds, and there are about 7 plums per pound.

Isn’t the red color gorgeous?

One batch of jam made ten of the regular jelly-jar size jars.

I made two batches, so I can see some Christmas gift giveaways. Twenty jars of one kind of jam is really kind of much. In the final photo, you can see the plum fruit rose to the top of the jar, while the jelly sank. What a lovely hue!

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