thrifting: kids patterns

I never find old patterns. Almost never. But when I do, they are kids’ patterns. That’s fine, I’ll buy them. I’ll put them aside, and who knows — maybe sell them in another 10 years when they are even older.

These were all bundled together, so I could see the pajamas (which is what I bought it for) but the others were hidden and a surprise. I’ll always pick up pajama patterns, even if they are from the 1970s.  I like the robe, and how easy the nightgown appears to sew.

This romper is sized for a four year old. Can you imagine teasing your four year old’s hair that high??? The top buttons up the back, if you were wondering. . . .

I like how the boys look so wholesome. And their clothes so timeless.

And lastly, I think this one will be sewn pretty soon. With the longer skirt. I’m not sold on those cap sleeve, but I think I can adjust them into something else, or leave it sleeveless.

All in all, a pretty good haul for $1.99!

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