garden tour: the scenic places

This is my third and final post about our recent garden tour. I took a lot of photos of this lavender farm, and then was afraid of overloading my blog with photos, so kept only this one to upload. Different varieties of lavender, which they process and use for products. This metal rooster must beContinue reading “garden tour: the scenic places”

garden tour: the quilt house

My parents visited this weekend, and we toured the gardens of local homes. I snapped a lot of photos, looked for ideas for our own garden, and found a little inspiration. I’ll start with the home which displayed the owner’s quilts outside. It was fun to see them all hanging on the line. the tulipContinue reading “garden tour: the quilt house”

paintings: a tractor, and a greyhound

These are dry and ready to go, so I listed them in my etsy shop this morning. The tractor is 8″x10″, and the greyhound is 18″x18″. Both are made by layering colors so that the last coat shows through here and there. I’m trying to raise some extra spending money, so I lowered the priceContinue reading “paintings: a tractor, and a greyhound”

thrifting: kids patterns

I never find old patterns. Almost never. But when I do, they are kids’ patterns. That’s fine, I’ll buy them. I’ll put them aside, and who knows — maybe sell them in another 10 years when they are even older. These were all bundled together, so I could see the pajamas (which is what IContinue reading “thrifting: kids patterns”

paintings: rabbit on chair

I was looking at my data file of artwork from 2006, and realized I have almost completely stopped doing this kind of painting. So I pulled out my reference photos, found a suitable chair scene, and tah-dah! I love the color balance, and of course the bunny. This will be in my ebay listings JuneContinue reading “paintings: rabbit on chair”

another finished project: Adirondack chair

About four years I bought one of those pine Adirondack chairs Ace Hardware sells every summer for $29. Which is not a bad price for a chair. I thought I would paint it all fancy and went so far as to lay the primer down, and that was as far as it went. For fourContinue reading “another finished project: Adirondack chair”

sewing: musing about embroidery floss

I pick up embroidery floss whenever I see it while out thrifting. I picked up a whole, filled bead-box with about 100 colors for $4.50 one time. Maybe even more colors than that. So that’s about four cents a skein, while nowadays a skein retails for about thirty-five cents. It’s not like floss is going toContinue reading “sewing: musing about embroidery floss”