Long time no post

I don’t think I’ve been apathetic about the blog, but the routine things around here are starting to seem pretty…routine. And not that interesting. And certainly not worth sharing photos. As if I even get out the camera in the first place. So this week I’ll see if I can make the routine seem a little more interesting to me.

I had the kids over once last week for preschool time. I had visions of painting rocks to look like bugs. Fun, right? The kids had other ideas. Most of the rocks were painted solid colors, and that was that. The kids enjoyed it, but didn’t quite get the hang of it. I thought five was plenty old, but I guess I have high expectations.

Here’s the rocks, “before.” Pretty just as they naturally are. I didn’t take photos of the “after”. . . .

I didn’t post that we did end up buying baby chicks. The cute fuzzy stage lasted 2 days. After that they were gangly, awkward and pinfeathers-sticking-outty-ness. Here the are today, at five weeks.

Did I stand at the store and debate whether we should buy three chicks instead of just two, just in case one was a rooster? Of course I did. I thought about it for a week beforehand. But the cage seemed too small for three hens, and I decided since only one out of 1000 chicks was supposed to be a rooster, I would chance it. Sigh. I have a friend who bought twelve barred rock chicks (the same as these) and she will swap me a hen for the rooster. He’ll probably end up being eaten, though.

Good news for Rudy the guinea pig, barred rocks are very docile and they get along fine with him. He has been filching their chick food, which I imagine is going to make him very fat. Or high in estrogen!

With lots of research into available ready-made coops, I picked the least expensive. Sounds like me, right? The description said it will hold up to four hens, but no way. Especially not if you never let them out! This is mostly a place to sleep. The coop is made by Ware, there are several available on ebay. I thought if the chickens didn’t work out, it is still a fine bunny cage.

In four more months — Fresh Eggs!

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