food: Beignots

I’m sure every mom who took the kids to see The Princess and the Frog sat there wondering what beignots taste like, and how difficult are they to make. I confess I had no idea how to spell beignots so did not look them up, but ran across them while looking for a donut recipe. So of course I wanted to find if they are all that. Answer: depends what you are looking for. Simple and quick (once you’ve let the dough rise for two hours), and you can fry them up while the rest of breakfast is cooking. Taste…not really anything special. A little bland, or else it was the recipe. Recipe from

I halved the recipe (because 7 cups of flour is an awful LOT of donuts) and then made only half of that the first day.
donutty goodness

I refrigerated the other half of the dough, and it has continued to rise. I will fry it up in the morning, because they are best super fresh. There is surprisingly little sugar in the dough, what there is is mainly the powdered sugar on the outside. If you think pulling out the deep-fryier is too much trouble first thing in the morning, I put a half-inch of oil in a dark pan, heated it, and just kept turning the beignots as they browned. I think they took about 2 minutes to rise and brown.

Worth the effort, but may need a pinch of nutmeg in the dough.

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