more canning, tomatillo salsa

I did not grow the tomatillos, we got them from a friend’s garden, and I have actually never eaten one before except perhaps unknowingly at a restaurant. They smelled a little familiar while cooking, so I think I have eaten them in verde salsa before — I expect I always thought they were green tomatoes.

Here are two bags of tomatillos, which may not be representative of an average haul, because for the most part the fruit was about grape size inside a golf-ball size husk. At the store, there is a golf-ball sized fruit inside the husk, so far as I have seen.

They produced 12 pints of salsa when combined with vinegar, jalapenos, garlic and a little salt. I threw in some cumin, too, because it smelled like what I remember the best restaurants smelling like. I am splitting the jars with friends, and trading for grape jam and canned carrots. We all picked, but decided not to duplicate the work of everybody canning their own thing. Wow, is canning just one item (even in a huge batch) a lot easier.

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