1-day project: scarfette

I haven’t stopped working on projects, but some of them are Christmas presents, so no sense giving away the surprise in advance! This scarf will probably end up with me, and it definitely a one-day project if you have 5 hours. I timed myself. I used Lion brand Suede yarn, and it took one skein.Continue reading “1-day project: scarfette”

crafty: stenciling

I admit I have always thought of stenciling as being a sort of poor-man cheat, but realistically not every art job needs to be heirloom-worthy and sometimes time/money/ability calls for a little cheating. For instance, daughter wants her room decorated in Disney Princess theme, and I just can’t see investing actual time into elaborately decoratingContinue reading “crafty: stenciling”

Are you visiting Daytona Beach?

Did I mention I was asked to contribute a couple dog paintings to the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Daytona Beach, Florida? The exhibit opened today. And hey, I’m alongside some famous names in the dog art world! I wish they had a big web page about the exhibit, but it’s just a littleContinue reading “Are you visiting Daytona Beach?”

fiddly quilts

Perhaps I should have titled this, “The-Opposite-of-Fiddly Quilts.” When my sister was visiting, she mentioned that quilting seems too precise, and she would never be able to get all those corners right. (I worry about all the points not being right, too, but have learned that ease is my friend and how to use it.)Continue reading “fiddly quilts”