fabric love

I find quilts are not, “Ooh, I have to make that, let’s go buy all the fabric right now!” sorts of projects. The fabric is come across a little at a time and put aside until there is enough. I have had in mind a quilt made from ’30s reproduction fabric (or anything that can pass as such), and keep putting aside bits and pieces. It is looking like it is going to be a pastel peach/yellow/beige sort of quilt (although I have two sky blue fabrics which I love, I just do not think either will fit into this particular quilt) and yesterday while I was picking up fabric to make something for a friend who is having a baby, I picked up a little more for myself.

Working from right to left, the butterfly fabric the orange dots and the orange swirls are for my friend’s baby quilt and the others are for my own although two would integrate nicely into hers, if I find I need a little more variety.

It is hard to NOT start on a project right away. I know what I want to do for my own quilt (a variation on triangles) but I do not know what do for the baby quilt yet except that the butterflies are maybe focus points.

Do I have other projects going? Of course. . . there’s a pair of socks in the works and yarn enough for another two pairs. Having hobbies sure takes a lot of time but it sure is satisfying to have a finished project.

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