getting a little sewing done

I am finally feeling much better, I think that cold or flu dragged on for two weeks! My painting is coming along great, I’ve got a bunch of past dog paintings ready to print and make into necklaces, I’ve been finishing all the little bits of sewing that have been lying around but are Christmas presents so I can’t show you, and I finally cut out fabric and sewed together a quilt top for a patriotic picnic quilt I have been planning to make forEVER.
quilt top

I thrifted most of the fabric and have been setting aside all the red white and blue scraps that I have, then I looked online for a long time for a free star pattern — I wanted a real five pointed star or something like that — and finally settled for this one. It is easy and does pass for a star. Then I bought some fleece for the lining and that worked great, and while picking up the fleece at Walmart I looked through the fabric (even though I had every intention of buying nicer fabric at the quilt shop) and lo and behold they had a fabric printed with state outlines accompanied by state birds and flowers. What could be more appropriate than that to use as the reverse side of the quilt? (I’ll show a pic when the quilt is finished.) Just looking at the fabric is a lesson every time. Then I bought fabric for edge binding at the quilt shop, and I was relieved to see they had nothing so appropriate as the state fabric so I felt good I made the right choice.

I ran across this story about a lady who was re-united with a quilt she helped to piece while she was in a concentration camp during WWII. I was struck by how she and the other young ladies endeavored to use every scrap they could find, even stealing rags, to use in a quilt they were not allowed to sew and risked being punished if found out. Why is it some people feel the urge to DO Something and be productive in even the littlest way, and yet other people do not feel it at all? These ladies risked being beaten for piecing a quilt, and yet they kept working on it.

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