rainy day lounging

A bout of coughs and sniffles has settled on our house (NOT the swine flu, fingers crossed fingers crossed), and the day is drab and rainy.

So what better than to catch up on the magazine reading that’s been left unattended due to other busy-ness?

This project jumped out at me from the pages of Family Fun magazine (thanks, Lori!), and it looks like a winner for a Christmas present for a certain four year old girl who likes mazes. Paint a checkerboard on a board, nail a nail at every intersection, and loop rubberbands over the nails to create temporary walls. How easy is that? I can imagine having loads of fun with this one, especially recreating the maze in every possible permutation.
mazie goodness

Since it’s a lazy day, I thought I’d show off more quilt squares I finished sewing. This project will probably be done more like 3 squares a week, so yeah, a year to finish. So many other things to do!

Boy, I hope this is a quick flu. My painting is way off when I’m sick.

Up next today: Watching Monsters Inc. and eating a big bowl of popcorn. Yep, a lazy day.

3 thoughts on “rainy day lounging

  1. I love that pattern. Years ago when I lived in Hawaii Doreen Speckman came out and we all made nosegay quilts. A lot of work but so pretty when you’re finished.

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