food: pumpkin bread

Is the on-again off-again chill mornings starting to make you think about fall food? Me too. I’m not quite all the way to pumpkin pie and green bean casserole, but a little squash soup would be good, but since I have leftover cans of pumpkin from last year–presto: pumpkin bread!

I used this recipe from recipe source, which calls for 2 cups honey instead of sugar, and a quarter cup of molasses. I think the molasses overwhelmed the pumpkin flavor, so I’d leave it out on a second attempt. And I might throw in pumpkin pie spice instead of nutmeg–way too much nutmeg, it leaves a burn in the mouth. But otherwise, a good recipe!

Here’s a mid-way photo demonstrating that you need a really BIG bowl, because you end up with 10 cups of ingredients in there! I didn’t take a final photo, sorry, just forgot! 2 loaves ended up in the freezer, and one eaten right away!

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