home canning: salsa and pickled carrots

After a short vacation, life has been pretty slow. So plenty of time to start canning the extra produce from the garden! Today, I made a batch of salsa from the Ball preserving site. Last year I had to use the mix they sell at the store for water-bath salsa, but this year they put up a recipe for all-fresh-ingredients salsa. It’s just like the stuff you nosh on at Chevy’s, so I can imagine making 2 batches! It calls for fresh lime and cilantro, but I bet after opening the jar in 3 months it will be improved to add fresh again before serving.

Here’s what one batch looks like, made from 7 cups sliced tomatoes:

And remember I asked about pickled carrots? Well, I made a tester batch and liked them, so since there’s a ton of carrots in the garden (still) I made a full recipe. They taste just like sweet pickles, but with a hint of carrot. Pretty good, and different. And you can water-bath can them! I think this called for 2 pounds of carrots, the recipe is here.

Not pictured, I also made a batch of Italian herbed tomatoes, for later spaghetti sauce use. Last year the Ball site also did not have a recipe for this, but this year it does.

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