food: rolls

Someone showed me that she makes rolls from her bread machine dough. Why did I never think of this? She even freezes uncooked rolls, and then defrosts them for an hour before baking — instant rolls whenever you need them! I guess I just figured freezing would kill the yeast, but it does not. I tried individually freezing rolls on a plate (before transferring them to a plastic bag) but I didn’t put enough flour down and the dough froze to the plate. So I defrosted them, and just baked them up. These are cut in rounds with a drinking glass, and folded in half. Easy. Next time, I’ll see if more flour down does the trick. 15 minutes at 350-degrees.

One thought on “food: rolls

  1. You inspired me to make rolls to go with our hash for dinner. I often make rolls and seem to use my bread machine just for making dough lately. I made fresh cinnamon rolls for breakfast a couple weeks ago by making the dough at night and letting the rolls rise in the pan in the fridge overnight. Baked up fresh and yummy in the morning!!
    We also love french bread rolls with cheese and ham and italian seasoning inside. French rolls are great because there is no fat in the dough. A moot point if you put cheese inside though…

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