More jelly making

A friend shared with us some blood oranges her son grows in Florida. They were delicious, and got me thinking about a recipe I saw for blood orange marmalade. I couldn’t find the recipe, of course, so made regular orange marmalade. I used the book on Fine Preserving published in 1969 that I thrifted, forContinue reading “More jelly making”


I won another giveaway, yay for me!

I won the sheet fat-quarter giveaway over at Twin Fibers. Hooray for me! Now I definitely have enough sheets to work on my quilt. I had to stop myself from buying a pink one I saw while thrifting yesterday, because enough is enough! After I start cutting up my sheets I’ll have a giveaway, too,Continue reading “I won another giveaway, yay for me!”

Sewing ideas, skirt & bag

I love these applique skirts at Boden. But I was thinking, wouldn’t it be fabulous if you had a handbag or tote to match the skirt? The idea isn’t original to me, of course, it used to be quite fashionable to have a matching ensemble. Whatever happened to that? Anyway, what fun to applique aContinue reading “Sewing ideas, skirt & bag”