A cow with a calf painting for etsy

I put up this painting on etsy today. My photo still isn’t marvelous (why is there that shadow on half the painting???) but it looks like it’s as good as it’s going to get. The cows belong to a friend, and have family sentimental value. The calf was 3 days old, and I was veryContinue reading “A cow with a calf painting for etsy”


1-Day-Project: Felted Knit Handbag

I did the knitting part in one day, about 6-7 hours, threw it once in the hot washer to felt, and then sewed up the pieces the next day. You could do it all in one day if you really had time. Yarn: 1 ball Pattons wool, found at Joann’s. 223 yards. Needles: Size eleven,Continue reading “1-Day-Project: Felted Knit Handbag”