Wishing about bathroom decor

I’d like to re-do the bathrooms in our house, but the rooms are so small there’s not a lot of options. They’re done in cheap modern. I hate the mirror cabinets that break into 3 mirrors — who thought of that? What was wrong with one big one that swung out? Hate them. But there’s not a lot of bathroom options out there, when you really get looking. The big box store out-of-the-box cabinetry looks okay sitting free in the store, but what will it look like at home? I always think that the furniture I’ve bought at Ikea — not to run them down — looked quite nice on the showroom floor, but then when I got it home it suddenly looked shabby from day one. I don’t know how that happens, when I’m sure they’re setting up an actual, unimproved model for display. But with this in mind, I don’t want to buy big box bathroom cabinetry.

Luckily, I keep all my issues of Victoria magazine, and I was looking through the May/June 2008 issue again, and noticed this photo for the first time. Look at that sink cabinet. It’s a French Provencal bureau that’s been given a countertop and a sink. I love it! If you cut out the drawers just right to allow for the pipe and sink, you could still use the drawers. Or it could just be a false front, if the drawers are broken. What a great use of a bureau that has a damaged top, or damaged (on the inside) drawers!

I’m tagging this under thrifting, because that’s when you’re going to find just the right bureau!

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