Wishing about bathroom decor

I’d like to re-do the bathrooms in our house, but the rooms are so small there’s not a lot of options. They’re done in cheap modern. I hate the mirror cabinets that break into 3 mirrors — who thought of that? What was wrong with one big one that swung out? Hate them. But there’sContinue reading “Wishing about bathroom decor”


Watching: On the Town (1949)

I’m not a huge fan of musicals, as I’ve mentioned, but sometimes it’s nice to know the cultural reference points of familiar songs’ origination. Here’s New York, New York. (That’s Gene Kelly, Jules Munshin and Frank Sinatra.) “> Three soldiers with 24 hours of shore leave first see the sights and then pick up girls.Continue reading “Watching: On the Town (1949)”