1-day-projects: laptop sleeve

Posting things on the blog is actually a good motivation to finish projects. You want to show off what you’re doing, so you actually have to work and finish things! This week I made a sleeve for my laptop. It seems like it’s getting carried around more and more as we go playing with friends or at McDonald’s (sigh) and I can sit and work on the fiddly things for a few minutes here and there. So I needed a little more protection for the computer, because it’s starting to show its use.

I bought a $1 lambswool sweater at the thrift store, and it felted up nicely after two washings. The first time not so much, but the second time with hot water and presto! It’s a Gap sweater, they always have nice colors. I cut out two rectangles a little larger than the size of the computer, and gave one a little extra length so it had an envelope flap which could be buttoned.
I put three buttons on it instead of only one because I was afraid of the computer accidentally sliding out (the felt is pretty slippery combined with the heavy plastic), and a more masculine closure would be to use a strip of velcro tape. It would be more secure with velcro, too. I’m not providing directions, because it is as simple as sewing two rectangles together. I saved the sleeves, because they’d be good to make into cell phone sleeves or ipod holders, or even glass cases; the sweater shrank that much, you’d only have to cut a tube and sew up the bottom.. I might use one to make a sleeve to hold the computer cord, so it doesn’t get broken in my bag.
We’ll probably use one of the sleeves to make some mitten shaped Christmas ornaments for next year, too. That will be easy crafting for kids.

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