a drum-roll please

I opted for the old-fashioned hat-full-of-names for the drawing. I wrote down everybody, including the couple people who left comments in the wrong post, and the couple who emailed me directly because they couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment. I’ve run into that myself in the past, trying to leave comments on blogs,Continue reading “a drum-roll please”

And now a painting give-away

In the spirit of the holidays, and as a thank you to everyone who is interested in my paintings, I am giving away two of my paintings. Both are 12×16, done in oils, and would make a great gift for you or a friend. Please leave a comment and let me know which painting youContinue reading “And now a painting give-away”

A few paintings for etsy

Everyone knows I’m taking my December break from ebay sales, right? But I’ll still be listing a few in my etsy shop as time goes on, so keep peeking in! I have just added two horse paintings, a moose, and a Labrador dog painting, here’s some little preview photos. Thanks you, everyone, who has supportedContinue reading “A few paintings for etsy”

Are you ready for Christmas yet?

I’ve got my cookie-drop-by gifts ready to go. If you show up this week, you get an orange too, but I can’t guaranty they’ll last more than a few days. I have salsa for the people I know who are off sugar, and raspberry jelly for everybody else. That’s a flower pin on top, goodContinue reading “Are you ready for Christmas yet?”