Watching: Bell, Book & Candle

Watching: Bell, Book and Candle (1958)

If there ever was a movie that begged to be remade not because it needs to be remade, but simply to bring attention to the original…this is it!

What a wonderful cast, what a wonderful Christmas movie. Why doesn’t this romantic comedy get shown every year at Christmas? It must be being overlooked! James Stewart, Kim Novak, a wonderful Jack Lemmon, Elsa Lanchester.

Kim Novak is at her most sultry, playing a witch who wants to have a normal boyfriend and a normal Christmas. Of course she gets it and him in the end, but it’s a fun ride getting there. Also, I LOVE watching the background art – it’s so typical of the time, Eamesish, Cubist, primitive.

Oh my gosh, I just’d it, and it IS being remade!

And here’s a youtube trailer for it. Oddly, I can’t find any clips and I find it hard to believe no one’s parsed it yet, but maybe the film clips are just getting squeezed out by the videos of a band of the same name.
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2 thoughts on “Watching: Bell, Book & Candle

  1. I couldn’t watch the YouTube flick, but I did see the movie when it originally came out. I asked my granddaughter to pick a name for a statue in our garden and she picked Hermione. Just never know where that name will pop up.

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