My painting break is over…

I guess I should say my selling break is over, because I’ve been painting all through December! I got some great photos from customers showing me how pleased family members were with the paintings of their pets — it’s always wonderful to hear the pantings go over well. And it’s sure something you’ll treasure forContinue reading “My painting break is over…”

Unintended consequences

Did you know that the Good Intentions people are about to put most US mom-and-pop children’s toys and clothing businesses out of business? I didn’t either. New laws are set to go into effect that will make the cost of doing business untenable for small home-made crafters. While trying to make China come into line,Continue reading “Unintended consequences”

Watching: Bell, Book & Candle

Watching: Bell, Book and Candle (1958) If there ever was a movie that begged to be remade not because it needs to be remade, but simply to bring attention to the original…this is it! What a wonderful cast, what a wonderful Christmas movie. Why doesn’t this romantic comedy get shown every year at Christmas? ItContinue reading “Watching: Bell, Book & Candle”