Watching: Gold Diggers of 1935

It’s funny that we think old movies don’t hold anything to interest the modern person. But everything in this movie is as true today as it was when the movie was made, and perhaps it’s even a little shocking that someone would actually say out loud (read: show in a movie) that despite all theContinue reading “Watching: Gold Diggers of 1935”

a horse, a rabbit, and field spaniel painting for ebay

These are part of my last batch of ebay paintings for this year. I’ll list them Nov. 25, and when they close that will be all I will have available until January. I always have great aspirations of listing something on etsy every day in the interim, but somehow I doubt that will happen. WhatContinue reading “a horse, a rabbit, and field spaniel painting for ebay”

chickadee pillowcase

I finally finished up the chickadee pillowcase embroidery. The photo makes it look worse than it does in person. I used a light gray for the white parts, but the photo flash washed them out. In person, they look white and the chickadee looks complete and cheerful. Overall I’m pleased, but my next try willContinue reading “chickadee pillowcase”

thanks for checking in!

I’ve decided not to list any ebay paintings this week, because they’ll be closing just before Thanksgiving holiday and I know very few people will be surfing ebay between now and then. Plus, I spent most of my time on commissioned paintings and finished only 3 for ebay. So I’ll just be running them startingContinue reading “thanks for checking in!”

Reading: The Three Mustangers (1933)

The Three Mustangers, by Will James. Here’s the opening paragraph. If this was made into a movie, you could just hear Wilford Brimley doing the voice-over narration: “Andy Thomas would of most likely been a plain average and just a hard-riding cowboy if he’d been brought up where such kind of men rode. There wasContinue reading “Reading: The Three Mustangers (1933)”

Watching: The Passenger (1975)

The Passenger, 1975, directed by Michelangelo Antonioni. Definitely a film-school must-see, if only for the dolly-shot ending. The camera starts in a hotel room looking out the window into a courtyard, and by the end of the scene the camera has moved through the barred window and into the courtyard, and turned around again toContinue reading “Watching: The Passenger (1975)”