The last of the garden

It’s cold overnight now, so the last of the tomatoes are being picked, but the basil is surprisingly still going strong. I’ve managed to make 3 pints of pesto out of about 5 plants (with several harvests over the summer, maybe 3). I froze the pesto, and just scrape out what I need for each dinner, the olive oil makes it a little pliable and not just a big ice cube.

Since the fresh basil needed to be used, we had bow-tie pasta tossed with garlic olive oil, minced basil, chopped tomatoes, and shredded barbecue chicken. This is like a 15 minute meal to make, not including the barbecue time — but you can do that the day before, or use leftover (I always barbecue enough for two meals, to save effort and gas!).

How low calorie and easy is this? I’m still flummoxed people don’t cook more.

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