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Since this rice pudding is a little different, I thought I’d tell you about it. I first had this served to me at a Chinese restaurant as a dessert. I know, most don’t serve desert (and when they do, sometimes it’s an orange), so when the waiter put this down at the end I looked at it kind of skeptically because I wasn’t expecting a dessert, and it looked kind of funny. But what the heck, try everything once. This is rice pudding with lychee fruit.
If you like coconut milk, you’ll like this.

    Rice Pudding with Lychee Fruit

1 cup milk
1 can coconut milk
3 tblsp. sugar
2 cups cooked rice
1 can lychee fruit

Heat the milk and coconut milk to simmering, add the rice and sugar.

Dice up the lychee fruits and add to the milk mixture, including the juice from the can. Stir, and serve hot or cold.

How easy is that? If you haven’t eaten lychee fruit before, they have a very mild flavor, almost unnoticeable. They are a stone fruit and come pitted, but sometimes there’s a hard inner skin where the pit was and you should peel it off because it’s like eating a piece of wood. It’s not on every fruit, just now and then. And if you’re dieting, coconut milk is pretty rich so it might not be your first choice. But oh so yummy! In my photo, I did not add the syrup to the recipe, so it’s usually more watery.

As a side dish, I threw that extra barbecue chicken I mentioned yesterday into some Tom Yum soup. This isn’t my favorite brand, but you can buy it anywhere and this soup is better than most of their line. The photo is a serving suggestion, however, my can had only 2 pieces of baby corn and 1 slice mushroom. So I added carrots and tomatoes, too. You can’t go wrong with Tom Yum, it’s very forgiving and accepts any vegetable well–even down to squash or cucumber.
tom yum

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