do only old ladies wear shawls?

Since the seasons are turning and the evening are cooler, I’m inspired to make a new shawl for fall. I searched online for an appropriate pattern, and fell in love with this one at But let’s be reasonable, that lacework is going to take me until next spring to finish. All that counting, beingContinue reading “do only old ladies wear shawls?”

A Borzoi, a rabbit & a cat for ebay

I have 8 new paintings to list on ebay this Tuesday (Sept 2). The cat is my brother’s tabby, I think Lori took the photo for it. The bunny was relaxing with a friend at the fair, and the Borzoi is one of my 2 remaining Borzoi photos–very hard to come by! If you haveContinue reading “A Borzoi, a rabbit & a cat for ebay”