Wednesday thrifting, a pyrex baking dish

One of our neighbors is moving, so gave us a bunch of those heat and serve dinners. I’ve never actually bought these before, and I’m astonished the portion size is so small. Is this the kind of meal people eat instead of actually cooking? Because I can’t imagine heating up 10 of these for aContinue reading “Wednesday thrifting, a pyrex baking dish”

Thrifting Saturday, lucky pillowcase find

I actually bought a great bright pink quilt perfect for Elle, but don’t have a photo. I keep telling myself “no more blankets!” but it had flower applique and was BRIGHT like little girls like (and in perfect shape!) so I said what the heck, it’s only $7. And it’s heavy, too. I’m not aContinue reading “Thrifting Saturday, lucky pillowcase find”

horses & a grizzly bear painting for etsy

This big horse painting (16×20) and the grizzly bears (12×16) are listed now in my etsy shop! UPDATE: This horse painting and grizzly are in my ebay listing this week (January 13, 2009) so go visit them quick! I did not get around to doing the huge horse painting I mentioned, because it would haveContinue reading “horses & a grizzly bear painting for etsy”

thrifting thursday, a pillowcase & garden art

I’m real up and down about the thrifting. When I go 3 or 4 days finding nothing of interest, I begin to think it’s not worth my time anymore. And then I’ll find one little something that buoys me back up about it and the cycle begins anew. Today I found this embroidered pillowcase, itContinue reading “thrifting thursday, a pillowcase & garden art”

swimming in the rain

Today it’s about 67 degrees out, and rainy. I’d thought we’d skip swim class because it was bound to be cold and miserable, but a half hour before class began Elle was saying, “Swimming park!” so I thought what the heck, we could go. The water was surprisingly warm, and quite pleasant. However, halfway throughContinue reading “swimming in the rain”