Thrifting: Limoges plate, and Lombard St.

Today two lucky finds, this gorgeous Limoges cake plate for $1. What a pretty use of pink and blue! There’s a chip on the back side that show up a little on the edge, but it certainly doesn’t spoil the plate.

And this print of a watercolor painting of Lombard Street, “the twistiest street in the world,” San Francisco. Definitely one of the most photographed street in the world. It’s a high quality print, printed on real watercolor paper. This is the sort of thing every shop on Fisherman’s wharf sells. It’s hard to put a date on it, but it’s signed N. Thibnot (or Thisnot). (Neither spelling pops up anything on google, so I must be wrong.) Those cars look faked to me, like they’re all the same car just angled different and painted different colors, so it could be a recent painting. The frame looks from the ’60s, but again, it could just be a handy frame. I pretty much have only good memories of San Francisco, so it’s nice to be reminded how pretty it is.
lombard street

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