Thrifting Wednesday, sweet hen

Today I piled up my (tiny) cart, it was a great day for thrifting. My favorite is this life-size resin hen for the garden. Finding life-size is of course the gold standard for garden animals. She is so sweet!

And I’ve passed over recipes boxes in the past (I think this very recipe box! I mean, that awful lobster!) but I picked up this one because it had divider cards and 3 by 5s ready to go. I really need to write down our favorite recipes and keep them on hand, because I always have to fire up the computer to get to my recipes, and that’s not always convenient. So this will be my started box, and maybe I’ll find something prettier. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to find someone else’s recipes already written out?

And I picked up the sheet set that matches one of the pillow cases I thrifted a couple weeks ago. For a long time I skipped right over sheets because of the whole “ick” factor (I’m not real happy sleeping at hotels, either. I mean…ick) but sheets have lots of usable fabric for something else. This one still might make it into that pink and green quilt I want to make. I’m not finding much in the way of green lately. I think these thrifting projects must stretch on over years, and definitely don’t encourage instant gratification.
I also picked up a one-volume collection of Jane Austin, which I’ll either keep or give to a friend who mentioned an interest in reading all the stories. Quite a coincidence, there. And I picked up two candle holders that will be good to dangle from a branch or somesuch in the garden next year. Our weather here has been just perfect for evening garden sitting, not too cold, and most nights the wind has been calm. Next year my garden will be more filled out and I can show you a bigger picture of it. It’s a small yard, so it will all fit in one photo!

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