in the garden

There was a baby grouse or ringneck pheasant out in the yard. I’m thinking pheasant since I haven’t seen grouse around here, but it really did look like a young chicken so might have been a grouse. It made a scrape for itself under a rotting bench that holds plants, and then ran and hid behind the coreopsys when Elle got too near. I went to get my camera, but it was gone by the time we were back outside. My neighbor’s dog killed one a couple weeks ago, and the neighbor on the other side of me had one in her yard a couple weeks ago, too. Maybe they’re being displaced by the new construction going on in the farmlands around us.
Since I had my camera in hand, I took a photo of my snapdragon instead. This one was started from seed. My seeds largely did terribly, and I’m not sure they’re worth the time despite the money savings. That plant behind the snapdragon is a cornflower, found in the herb section. I recommend it for blue flowers through the later summer, it just keeps going. I have the seed packet here, and it says: “Medicinal Uses: Cornflower is used externally as an anti-inflammatory and astringent herb for eye ailments and skin cleansing. An eye wash made with cornflower blossoms is used for conjunctivitis as well as to relieve strained, tired or puffy eyes. Parts used: flowers, leaves.” And then the package actually describes how to use the flowers, so that’s nice. I haven’t tried.

Oh yeah, I also received my copy of The Creative Family. How to encourage imagination and nurture family connections. I bought it on Amazon from one of the second-tier sellers, for $12 including postage. I’ve seen it recommended on various blogs, so thought I’d better give it a try just in case I was missing something. Overall, I think our family is on the right track, but I’m sure there’s still some projects mentioned we should start including. I’ll have to get back to you when I find them!

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