goats, greyhound, & a sheep painting for ebay

Here’s 3 paintings I’ll be putting up on ebay this week, on the 29th. Of July, if you’re looking at this next December! 2008.

I was trying to keep up with the rainbow palette in oils. If I stop doing a technique, I immediately forget how to do it. I guess that’s why if you look over my gallery you see such a variety of styles. So I’ll do something for a while, think I have it down, move on to something else, and then forget how I was doing the first thing. Anyway, a rainbow colored Greyhound dog. So pretty!

And more goats, these belong to Melissa. Very friendly! Specifically, she has Boer goats.

And this was from a photo Lori took, when she went with Max to the petting zoo. A sheep and her two lambs. Which I know is obvious, but I include for search engine purposes. Ahem. Ewe painting. Lamb painting.

ewe and lambs

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