garden lights

I had one of those “Doh!” strike the forehead moments while I was reading queenoffiftycents‘ blog. You know how I am always looking to thrift the pottery/resin animals to put out in my garden? To give the garden more visual interest? Somehow I had completely overlooked the possibility of candles for evening interest. She showed one of those crooks (like you hang potted plants on) that she thrifted to dangle a candle from. Well, doh! How did I forget about fairy lights for the garden? I guess because it’s a work in progress, and not quite to the sit-out-and-enjoy-it-of-an-evening point–yet.

So now I’ll have to keep an eye out for cheap candles of all varieties–of which there always loads. Having them hanging from the tree branches seems a fine idea, and if I can find other ways to get them to hang up, that would be terrific. Candles while thrifting are ubiquitous. The gift everyone gives and gives away. I worked with a gal who got sick from certain smells (most perfume, whether in hand lotion, or candle scents) so became more aware of how cloying most perfume odors are. And knew what not to give her as gifts!

What a fabulous way to light up the garden! I’ll have to move these up in my to-buy list, as I always skip right over all things candle related.

One thought on “garden lights

  1. Wow, it’s amazing to see oneself quoted, thanks! You are going to LOVE doing this! I pick up both lanterns and candles at yard sales (my husband thinks the candles aren’t safe if they’re not enclosed, and he’s probably right). And I’m always finding amazing candles to put in them. We’ve had snowball candles, rooster candles, jack o lantern candles…can’t even remember them all. Let me know how it turns out!

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