A horse, a rabbit, and a moose painting for ebay

This week I really got the swing of bright oil paints. I’ve been trying to go here for a long time, and this week finally was able to do it right! These will go up on ebay July 22.

Isn’t this horse fantastic?

And these rabbits are fabulous, too! The light highlight was weird in the photo, but it doesn’t look weird at all in a painting, it looks just right! I’m so happy the fair is in two weeks and I can get a boatload more rabbit photos!

And this moose isn’t quite these same as the others, he was done right before the little light switch flipped on. But he still looks great!

Keep your fingers crossed I can keep painting like this, because this is where I want to be. It’s funny that painting is so mood oriented, and the whole color palette and stroke use varies from day to day. I guess that’s why a style keeps evolving, though, which is a good thing, if frustrating sometimes.

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