Thrifting: Limoges plate, and Lombard St.

Today two lucky finds, this gorgeous Limoges cake plate for $1. What a pretty use of pink and blue! There’s a chip on the back side that show up a little on the edge, but it certainly doesn’t spoil the plate. And this print of a watercolor painting of Lombard Street, “the twistiest street inContinue reading “Thrifting: Limoges plate, and Lombard St.”

goats, greyhound, & a sheep painting for ebay

Here’s 3 paintings I’ll be putting up on ebay this week, on the 29th. Of July, if you’re looking at this next December! 2008. I was trying to keep up with the rainbow palette in oils. If I stop doing a technique, I immediately forget how to do it. I guess that’s why if youContinue reading “goats, greyhound, & a sheep painting for ebay”

A horse, a rabbit, and a moose painting for ebay

This week I really got the swing of bright oil paints. I’ve been trying to go here for a long time, and this week finally was able to do it right! These will go up on ebay July 22. Isn’t this horse fantastic? And these rabbits are fabulous, too! The light highlight was weird inContinue reading “A horse, a rabbit, and a moose painting for ebay”

bark dust for the flowers

I went out early this morning to buy bags of bark dust to cover one of the flower areas. Yes, it’s late in the season, but I’d put down seed there and needed the plants to be sufficiently established before covering the ground. When the clerk rang up the bags, the price was 25% moreContinue reading “bark dust for the flowers”