Busy week

What a busy day today! Early thrifting, then playing in the park with playgroup, then McDonald’s for a meal and a lot more play time in the playland. It was of course my intention to never introduce Elle to McDonald’s, but that went by the wayside a while ago. Now it’s a treat to go with our friend Ellen and her daughter every couple weeks or so after a long morning of playing. Elle certainly looks forward to it, and is always disappointed when we drive by and don’t stop in.

Let’s see, I took this photo after noticing Elle was playing with my paints. Of course I don’t let her play with them since a few of them are hazardous and all have the potential for creating a ruined carpet. So the forbidden fruit is the most desired, and she likes to just hold them whenever she can. And organize. So many pretty colors.

Here’s a commission I’ve been working on. I’m not wed to his eyes and haven’t run it by the owner yet. The whole thing feels a little sparse to me, but how do you fill out water and a dock? It’s not a place for lots of busy-ness.

And just because thrifting has been sparse, I’ll show off my sheet collection. I’m buying pinks and greens with the intention of cutting them up and making a quilt for Elle. I’ve seen some gorgeous examples of pink and green quilts online. My fabrics aren’t quite up to snuff yet, but maybe in time…. That rose sheet on the bottom is king size, crisp and feels new. The rose border is gorgeous, and I think that one might just make it into daily use. I always wonder what motivates someone to throw away a new, gorgeous thing.

One thought on “Busy week

  1. When I was in Simi Valley, I went to a garage sale where the lady was selling tons of country decorations. I loved everything she had and wondered why she was selling it. Well, she was redecorating in a different style and didn’t need the country stuff anymore. Can you imagine completely redecorating a room and just throwing out all the old stuff? I can’t. I buy stuff I expect to look at until I die because I like it that much. Maybe whoever had the rose sheets decided to have a blue bedroom rather than a pink or red one and decided to ditch the old sheets. Who knows? There are people with that kind of money to spare out there!

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