I know I said I would never do it, but

I bought a thrifted item specifically to put on ebay.

It is soooo hard to pass up items that are beautiful and just perfect (for someone else) but that I don’t need. Especially when they are ridiculously cheap.

So I bought one item. And I’ll set it aside. Maybe for years. Until I have enough other items that it’s worth putting them up on ebay…because you can’t run just one item, you need to run a whole bunch to get the carryover traffic.

But now I have to make the commitment to actually BUY other items for resale. Sigh. Big sigh. Unless someone wants to make an early bid maybe?

It’s this quilt top. Just the top, it’s all been pieced together, but no backing and no lining. Just the pieced top. In Japanese fabrics. Wouldn’t it look terrific if it was finished with hand ties, or with wood buttons? A pretty bow pattern, and I know it’s generous for a queen size bed, so might even fit a king. If you’re interested, I can measure it. All it needs is to be finished!

And keeping with the Japanese theme, this embroidery looks like a large napkin, with each corner a different design and a big butterfly in the center. Here’s the center, and a carp. Someone could have been more imaginative with the carp, but okay.

There’s a blossom image in another corner, a flower not shown, and a kanji. Janine, what does the kanji say?

This butterfly is exactly the same as the one above. It also looks like it was embroidered on a napkin.

This basket table scarf is very intricate. Because it is stained, I got it for a quarter. Can you imagine? So much time in this design, because there’s an identical one at the other end!

And lastly is this very delicate tulip. I think this one is my favorite. Too bad the one french knot has come undone, but isn’t that part of the charm?

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