more embroideries from thrifting saturday

Today was a lucky day, with lots of embroideries to choose from. I picked up only the best ones, with the best color choices and designs.

First off, I love this yellow table runner! It’s a grecian pattern over the whole thing, and is just lovely in person. It would be a shame to cut it up into something else, and I might just end up using it as a table runner! Elle needs something to protect her dresser top, and this would just about fit. Right now, she still climbs up there and it would slip and be dangerous, but later it would be very pretty. Actually, seeing the poor shape most furniture is in when it is donated for resale, it becomes obvious why people used to protect the surface with doilies and runners. Nicks, water rings, gouges–all are guarded against with a simple piece of cloth.

This butterfly is part of a small table cloth in poor shape. There’s 3 butterflies altogether and some knotwork flowers, and those are all still usable. Imagine taking the time to make half the butterfly in French knots!

And this fountain is just beautiful! It has two matching doilies, and they were asking $3.50 which is very high, but since it’s 3 pieces I thought what the heck. They are nicely done, and in very good shape.

I also bought this smock. I don’t think it is child-sized despite my model, but maybe for a very small lady. The fabric has black birds and is very beatnik! I need a closeup. I love the little black birds, if you can see them. I don’t think smocks are as collectible as aprons, but every once in a while as I’m painting I’ll pull one of these out to protect my clothes, although usually I just wear clothes I don’t care about. There’s just something so “artist” about a smock!

I also accidentally bought a doily that was tatting only, no design. Elle loves to help me load the cart, and sometimes I’ll miss one of her additions. I was disappointed at first because I’d turned away another doily due to not enough money in my pocket, but on second thought, the doily is still a great find because now I can use those iron on transfers! Yay! I’ll have to watch out now for blank doilies, as I will never get around to learning to tat myself, and the blank ones will be perfect!

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