happy thrifting friday

I do think there is an “ask and ye shall receive” sort of thing that happens in the universe. I’ve noticed that I just need to put a definite thought out there about something I want, and pretty soon I have that thing.

Today I found these two pillowcases to cross-stitch! Only one is pictured, they are both the same. Unused, and although the blue ink is starting to run a bit I don’t have any reason to think it won’t just wash out when the time comes!

I also found two bags of hot iron transfers–never found these before, and at a quarter a bag, what a bargain! There’s extras in the bags, too, from other assortments. Can you imagine when life was slow enough that you had time to sit and embroider your aprons, tablecloths, and doilies? I mean, obviously not when you had kids under 5, but when they got sent off to school and your shopping was done, you must have been able to sit for a whole afternoon and just work on making the home beautiful.

On the way home I stopped at an estate sale. I bought this pretty picture for fifty cents. It’s not the kind that is painted on glass (drat), it’s either a print or a painting done on silver paper. I don’t know if this was the cheap version of the glass painting done at the same time, or if it’s a reproduction type of thing done in the 1970s. It has a nice frame, though, and is nicely mounted. I think I will keep her as is!
art nouveau

2 thoughts on “happy thrifting friday

  1. Your picture: it looks like someone tried to make a copy of Alphonse Mucha’s “La Topaz.”

    Whoever painted it reversed the image, gave the woman blonde hair instead of auburn, and left out the background behind her head and shoulders.

  2. I have a small embroidery from an estate sale, and the lady who sold it to me said that her aunt, who lived in Hollywood in the 30s, would embroider as she listened to the radio in the evening. And I think for a lot of women, doing “fancywork” was a reward for all the mending they had to do!

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