thrifting for thursday

I bought this beautiful old needlepoint a couple days ago. The front is protected by glass but it is still stained and aging–the back has no protection, and the fabric is quite fragile and a lot darker. A sentiment that never gets old, though.

Today I bought this sweet pillowcase. I don’t know yet what will happen with it, whether it will remain a pillowcase or become something else. I don’t know what that something else might be just yet…. The needlework is a bit clumsy, as is the design, but there’s still something charming about it.

And then I also found this table runner. I don’t personally like to use the embroidery thread that changes colors as the spool unwinds, but this kind of design is just right for it.

I also found a cookie press (yes, I didn’t already have one) that had all the regular cookie patterns except the star, but it DID have a dog shape. Does that regularly come with cookie presses?

I really wanted to go to the senior center and check for books and old linens, but Elle has a cold and at the last minute I decided the one place that we probably shouldn’t spread germs around is the senior center…!

Do you know what really got me going buying these old linens? Last year when the neighborhood was having a garage sale, my neighbor was going through bins and bins in her garage and she pulled out a big pile of embroidered dish towels that her grandmother had made for her with charming dancing vegetable designs. My neighbor didn’t know what to do with them, but thought it important to keep everything. I did actually say, “You’re 40, this is it, this is your life–use them!” but she just packed them away again. It seemed a waste of her grandmother’s effort, to just pack them in the garage. Yes, they were neatly kept and were respected, but it was still sad.

So I started searching for vintage patterns to embroider my own, and then started finding old things already finished and started buying those. I do have an end use for them, where they will all get a second chance at life!

2 thoughts on “thrifting for thursday

  1. They are beautiful Sandra. Imagine the time put into them. I have always loved old things like this, but I didn’t start collecting til my wedding when I was given some of the linens my grandmother had in her wedding trouseu? (not sure of spelling there) Since then my MIL has given me Doug’s grandmothers old linen. Some of it has aged badly so I’ll have to see If I can salvage them. There is just something about the past and the memories they hold that I think needs to be preserved, plus they are so pretty. I need to get out to some yard sales! I would love to have a cookie press. Another thing to keep my eye out for. Have a great weekend hun!

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