just adorable

My problem (if I had any real problems) is too many interests and not enough time! Look at these adorable dress patterns! Did I ever mention I like old clothes? well I do! And having someone around to actually make adorable little dresses for–my goodness, what could be better?

So my question is, by the time a little girl is 8 years old, is she going to look at a dress like one of these and say, “But mom, NOone wears clothes like that! Not even to church!”

Because the above is just beautiful! And Elle’s hair will bob just perfectly, so she would look terrific with a ribbon in her hair and that dress! It’s for an 8 year old, though, as is the next one.

This nightgown is a child’s size 3–but what that meant in 1910 I don’t know. But I can tell it would be easy to adjust bigger or smaller, whatever it is.

This one is for a 6 year old and it looks just too short to me, but aren’t those panties adorable? Don’t you just want it for the panty pattern??

If you think my kid would say, “No way, mom!” when she’s 8 to the first two dresses, let me know so I don’t buy the patterns. That nightgown is just right, though, I think, for any age!

One thought on “just adorable

  1. Hannah stopped wearing dresses and skirts when she started grade school. She was riding unicycles and hanging upside down on the bars so skirts were not practical. Now she always wears jeans or cropped pants to school. Even on weekends, she tends to pick out pants or shorts.

    If she still liked dresses though, I think she would wear any of these. As far as being fashion conscious goes, she isn’t so picky yet and is happy to wear whatever I pick out (usually). She hasn’t reached the age of wanting to be cool or look like everyone else quite yet. I think it will happen in the next year or two though.

    She likes cute things in either pink, blue, or white. Sometimes yellow too. Black looks cute on her too. Anything boyish looking or un-cute stays in the closet (big stripes, nautical looks, train engineer stripe pants, that kind of stuff).

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