Friday Thrifting

Today I found this crystal serving dish (it’s about 10-inches across) and this beautiful periwinkle blue china plate. I am not a good judge of real crystal, but I picked up this server and it was very heavy so I guessed it was real. My acquaintance with the second hand shop verified it as real. Now I’ll just have to polish up the silver rim and voile! And for one dollar! The dinner plate is part of a collection I’m just beginning–just beginning even though I’ve been LOOKING a long time, I’m not just not finding exactly what I’m looking for. You wouldn’t think “eclectic” would be hard to find. No, but seriously, china with flowers. That looks not too modern. The bottom of this one is marked “22 karat” and the periwinkle is so pretty. There’s another set of dishes that’s been waiting for a buyer for a while, with 2 teacups, 1 saucer, 1 bowl and 1 plate and I HATE to say, “Can I buy just that plate?” because they’re all so pretty together.

I’m very happy with each of these today! The plate photo is really washed out, the colors are pretty bright.

crystal server

Yesterday I bought two hydrastone pots, big sizes, for $4. I went to Home Depot and noted I would have paid about $60 if new. Sometimes it’s crazy to buy things new.

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