More a roving

I ordered more colors of wool roving, and more felting needles, so hopefully I’ll be doing more needle felting. Pretty colors are of course always an inspiration to pull everything out and get to work creating!
roving bright

The first wool I ordered (from someone else) had more muted colors, and there were a lot of twigs and grass in the wool. I understand it all needs to be hand carded and that sheep lay on the ground, but I thought more of the twigs should have been removed. This new wool doesn’t have any of that, and the colors are so bright!

One thought on “More a roving

  1. I have just started needle felting after seeing some sculptures on ebay. I am teaching myself and don’t have too many pricked fingers to show for it (yet). But its so neat how it goes from looking like nothing to a little sculpture ina relatively short amount of time! Can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂

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